children's playroom


VIP room

VIP room

A separate room at the restaurant that provides a discreet business meeting, a presentation, or a private celebration with any type of organization. Capacity: 20 places.


You can assign the organization of celebrations, cocktails and other events in your area to our specialized Catering Service. All foods, drinks, accessories, equipment, decoration, and staff is our concern, and all you have to do is to choose one of the options offered.

food delivery

Make good use of your break from work!
For companies with 5 or more employees we have an offer of daily food delivery from our menu. All you have to do is send us a list of your wishes by email, and our associates will deliver meals at the agreed time. We are prepared for different types of requests regarding your meals.

children's playroom

A spacious playroom of 120 m2 offers diverse content for kids who will have a good time with our friendly educators. Working hours of the playroom are from 12 h to 21 h, and on the weekends from 10 h to 21 h.

non-smoking area

We also think of non-smokers!
Enjoy the restaurant gallery where we will provide you with more than 50 non-smoking seats. Note: IQOS products are allowed.

sports on TV

For those who like to combine the current sporting events with quality food, drinks, and nice company, we have ensured 5 channels of Arena Sport and 6 channels of Sport Club.