Pro Anima Chardonnay 0.75l 1400

The wine is golden yellow with greenish reflection, sophisticated fruit aroma of citrus and pineapple, tastefully balanced, soft and complex, with a long finish.

with food

It goes well with sea and river fish, dishes made of turkey and chicken.

Malvasia 0.75l 1900

Extremely dry white wine with 13% alcohol.

Malvasia remotely resembles a refreshing summer aperitif wine and a good accompaniment to grilled sardine.

It is literally all inclusive serious wine for all seasons and all tastes, but also excellent for pairing and perfect for enjoying.

Crnogorski Chardonnay 0.75l 1000

White dry wine, harmonious aroma and flavor. Light greenish yellow. Buke is recognizable by the fresh fruit aromas of green apple and pineapple.

with food

Spring and summer salads, fish and other cold appetizers, seafood, risotto, spicy broth soft and semisoft cheese, white meat, pizza, pasta.

Crnogorski Rose 0.75l 850

It has an intense scent of raspberry, currant and wild rose. The taste is soft and harmonious. The acids are mild, fruity and leave the impression of pleasant freshness, while the silky texture emphasizes the feeling of softness and sweetness, which reminds of the rose flavored Turkish delight. In the end, the refreshing taste of raspberry bonbons remains for a long time.

with food

Rose is an ideal aperitif, but also an excellent companion of various spring and summer light salad, fish pate, dried meat. It is great with grilled dishes.

Crnogorski Vranac 0.75l 900

The wine has an intense ruby color, with shades of purple. Its smell and taste resemble ripe sour cherries, dark forest fruits and dried plums, with sweet tomes that leave the subsequent taste of fullness and warmth. The taste is full, rich in alcohol and extract. It has well balanced acidity and excellent tannin structure that gives it the possibility of longer aging and maturation.

with food

Red meat, game meat, spicy dishes, fat mature cheese. In Montenegro, Vranac traditionally drinks alongside his prosciutto, as well as dishes from quality sea and lake fish, as well as with all kinds of roasting and grilled dishes.

Vranac Pro Corde 0.75l 1500

The wine has a very dark red color, typical of the Montenegrin vranac. It has rich scent of berries, such as blackberries and blueberries, are expressed, while cherry tones, dried herbs and coffee are interwoven in the background. Tannins are noticeable, but blended into a smooth combination of tastes, similar to black chocolate. In the long end, the wine retains the basic fruit and vegetable character.

with food

Pro Corde goes well with high quality meat - beefsteak, baked lamb, game meat. It is perfect with mature hard cheese.

Vladika 0.75l 2500

Deep and multilayered aromas of forest fruits, with mild notes of vanilla, flow into velvety, spicy palate. The wine is rich and coherent, well structured, with juicy tannins and acidity. In a long and lasting finish, a rich fruit taste of blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and plums, enhanced with a hint of coffee, tobacco and earth. Strong character, deep, steady and harmonious, this wine has great potential for further development and aging.

with food

With beefsteak, grilled meat, stewed and fried meat, lamb, veal, meat prepared with the red sauce, spicy pasta.

mini wine bottles 0.187l

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